Mission: We invest in people we admire, building things we want to see in the world.

Partners: Joe Greenstein, Rachel Sheinbein, Chase Adam

Approach: We try to have fun, help people, and if possible, not go broke. We have a passion for supporting founders as people and reserve up to 10% of capital for founder wellness stipends. LPs will also donate all fund returns to charity.

Investments: As angels we've made early-stage investments in over 250 startups, including: Aspiration, BetterUp, Calm, ClassDojo, Eventbrite, Gusto, MasterClass, Opendoor, OPOWER

Recent investments: Akin, Anansii, AnyQuestion, Arise, AtlasUp, Canopy Climate, Carecubes, Chameleon, Cred, Cubist, Daylight, Dimensional, Diode, Ethos, Focusmate, Foster, Fount, Fram Energy, Frens, Gently, Holly Health, Hologram, Jhourney, Launchcaster, LiquiFi, Mental, Mindjoy, Monterra, Neynar, Notebook, Noxx, Occam, Onsemble, Outdefine, Peoplehood, Pixical, Reflection, Rocketplace, Seven Starling, ShareWell, Shield, SolarCycle, Spritz, Streamline, Studdy, Summit, System2, Thalo, ThriveCoin, UnNamed Labs, Warmspace

Contact: webmaster@veryseriousventures.com